18.01.2020   Berlin, Wabe

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


24.01.2020   Hamburg, MS Stubnitz

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


25.01.2020   Münster, Rare Guitar

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


01.02.2020   Braunschweig, B58

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab" and "LVX Aeterna")


07.02.2020   Cottbus, Muggefugg

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab" and "Abrogation") 


08.02.2020   Nürnberg, Der Cult

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


25.04.2020   Liège (BEL), Black Spring Festival

(with "Then Comes Silence", "Joy/Disaster", "Je T'aime", "Turn Off The Light" and "The Mars Model") 


25.-27.07.2020   Köln, Amphi Festival



Past events:


11.01.2020   Erfurt, Club From Hell

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab" and "Munarheim") 


04.01.2020   Köln, MTC

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


03.01.2020   Leipzig, Hellraiser

(with "Eden Weint Im Grab") 


21.12.2019   Kaiserslautern, Salon Schmitt

(with "Machines Á Sous")


23.11.2019    Esslingen, Ad Astra

(with "Nosferatu")


04.11.2019    Hannover, SubKultur

(with "Lacrimas Profundere") 


05.10.2019   Eernegem (BEL), B52

(with "Struggler" and "Human")


28.09.2019   Illmenau, Campus Noir IX @ TU Illmenau Campus

(with "Inkubus Sukkubus", "Pankow", "Readership Hostile", "The Exploding Boy" and "2nd Face") 


30.08.2019   Hamburg, Markthalle

(with "Grundeis") 


06.07.2019   Essen, Don't Panic

(with "La Scaltra") 


05.07.2019   Leiden (NL), Rockcafé Lazaru's

(with "Lifeless Past") 


23.06.2019   Hamburg, MS Stubnitz

(with "Still Patient?" and "Age Of Heaven") 


22.06.2019   Berlin, Wild At Heart

(with "Still Patient?" and "Age Of Heaven") 


21.06.2019   Leipzig, Bandhaus

(with "Still Patient?" and "Age Of Heaven") 


30.03.2019   Leicester (UK), Darker Days Festival @ The Musician Pub

(with "Whispering Sons" , "The House Of Usher" and more) 


29.03.2019   Hannover, SubKultur [ALBUM RELEASE SHOW]

(with "Age Of Heaven"; after-show party: "DJ Hollow Skies"


02.03.2019   Zürich (CHE), Black eleven

(with "Still Patient?" and "Aeon Sable")   


05.01.2019   Berlin, Schokoladen

(with "Lizard Pool")


 09.12.2018   Kassel, RSE & Friends Festival @ Panoptikum Club

(with "Patenbrigade: Wolff", "Intent:Outtake", "System Noire", "Sonorus7" and more)  


08.12.2018   Hamburg, Kir

(with "Astari Nite", "The Spiritual Bat" and "Ground Nero")   


07.12.2018   Hannover, SubKultur

(with "Astari Nite", "The Spiritual Bat" and "Ground Nero")  


06.12.2018   Essen, Don't Panic

(with "Astari Nite", "The Spiritual Bat" and "Ground Nero")  


24.11.2018   Salzgitter, Electro Forces Festival @ Fortuna

(with "In Good Faith" and "System Noire")


23.11.2018   Berlin, Nuke Club

(with "Das Ich" and "System Noire")


20.10.2018   Oldenburg, Herbststurm-Festival


13.10.2018   Hameln, Autumn Moon Festival


01.09.2018   Hamburg, Kukuun

(with "Marta Raya")


31.08.2018   Erfurt, Club From Hell

(with "Das Ich" and "Zoon Politicon")


14.07.2018   Elbingerode, Dark Fusion @ Kreuzmühle

(with "Plastic Autumn" and "Zoon Politicon")


22.06.2018   Hannover, Darkrock Festival @ SubKultur

(with "Schwarzer Engel", "Voodoma", "Nachtsucher" and "Mystigma")


16.06.2018   Hannover, Bruits De La Cave – Le Festival @ Béi Chéz Heinz

(with "Sieben", "Nova Et Vetera", "Adam Usi", "The Bernie And The Jörgie" and "KatzKab")  


20.05.2018   Leipzig, Wave-Gotik-Treffen @ Westbad

(with "Zeraphine", "Then Comes Silence", "The Arch" and "Felsenreich") 


03.05.2018   Hamburg, MS Stubnitz

(with "Second Still")


24.03.2018   Hamburg, Fundbureau

(with "She Past Away") 


17.02.2018   Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz

(with "TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers")


26.12.2017   Hannover, SubKultur

(with "Der Fluch" and "Eden Weint Im Grab")